DOS – A division of South American Sales, was formed to establish a Premiere Consumer Electronics Sales agency, to introduce and develop the Brands we carry to the right outlets in the Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Our objectives are and have been, and continue to be; Creative, Innovative and Performance – Sales, Marketing, Training, and Servicing for our Dealer and Distribution network in the region. Selling and Marketing the brands we carry in the way the brands intend them to be. Directed by Joe Fusco, with over 37 years of CE experience; DOS brings a wealth of accumulated knowledge, experience and Ideas developed at companies like Sony, Sansui and Harman; premier companies in the Consumer Electronics market.

For the Dealer and Distributor

DOS offers senior management experience with some of the premier brands in Consumer Electronics, experience in developing brands and business for retailers, integrators and distributors all over the western hemisphere.

DOS has the right relationships with the right manufacturers, and Brands to help in your merchandising needs. Complete understanding of the market, its complex distribution channels and challenges, local issues and broader macro areas; such as the economics of the marketplace, BPI, cultural mores, demographics, purchasing tendencies, financial, logistics, and marketing.

DOS has experienced and knowledgeable people that can help in every step of the Merchandising and in store selling process. Product selection, logistics, sales training, merchandising, and advertising; assisting and consulting every step of the way to make your business more successful and develop the right relationships with these brands.

For the Manufacturer

DOS offers the largest and most experienced organization focused on this underdeveloped market. Experience in developing new business quickly and growing existing business exponentially, as would the brand itself. DOS is ready with turnkey solutions to your distribution objectives. Offering a complete Dealer and Distributor network that affords quick ramp up time in getting your products introduced to market, or increasing business with in the region.

DOS is your conduit for Sales and Distribution into the marketplace.