Opening the doors to the best consumer electronic products to all Latin America

For 20+ years we have paved the way for innovative brands of consumer electronics to reach all Latin America…Do not miss out!

Our biggest strength lies in our interpersonal skills from our manufacturers to the end users, we will be with you every step of the way!

Logistics planning at its best, finding the most efficient ways to get the products from every corner from Tijuana, Mexico all the way to the Argentinian Patagonia. We got you covered.

Meet Our Team

Ignacio Gallego
Ignacio GallegoSales Director
Ricardo Gomez
Ricardo GomezSales Manager Mexico
Zulma Yaneth Cortés B.
Zulma Yaneth Cortés B.Manager Andino
Lucia Pineda
Lucia PinedaInternational Business
David Avalos
David AvalosCono Sur
José Pontones
José PontonesDistribuidores Mexico

DOS Latin America


1520 NW 89th Court

Doral FL 33172

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